If you are looking to sell your home, you could benefit from a few fresh coats of Neutral-toned paint. According to Matt Cunningham and John Perritano of How Stuff Works, "Everyone, from real estate agents to decorators, recommend painting the interior of your house in neutral colors. Why is that? For one thing, a new home buyer always sees dollar signs. They don't want to buy a house and then have to spend additional money to fix it up or paint it. Moreover, some people have very strong reactions to bright colors. Neutrals will keep the "yuck" factor to a minimum."

Let's take a look at some neutral paints that look amazing in any room!

Here are the 10 best Neutral shades according to Caroline Picard of House Beautiful:

1) Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Designer Patrick Baglino states: "The warmth of this gray comes from the addition of a splash of beige and it feels as comforting as a bowl of homemade chicken soup."

2) Huntington White by Benjamin Moore

Designer Darryl Carter says: "I am historically prone to a neutral palette, and this white has been my go-to for years. It's a chameleon, taking on subtle changes in shade over the course of the day."

3) Gray 2121-10  by Benjamin Moore

Designer Peter Dun says:  "It's not that intense fortune-teller black but soft and sun-bleached, with depth and mystery. In a matte finish, it looks like a slightly smeared blackboard."

4) Doeskin by Sherwin Williams

Designer Brett Beldock says: "It would turn the room into a cocoon ... very peaceful. Bring in ivory, gray, eggplant, or chocolate for contrast."

5) DKC-17 by Donald Kaufman Color

Designer Carey Maloney says: "We used it in our front hall as a backdrop to a Chinese coromandel screen and a huge African wooden sculpture. It creates this incredibly warm, inviting entry that draws you into the rest of the house."

6) Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball

Designer Jonathan Rose says: "The idea is for the wall color to be quiet so it can blend seamlessly with the outdoors. This blue-green is a pastel with personality. Keep the overall feeling serene with light floors, white trim, a touch of deeper aqua, and a few dark accents to anchor the room."

7) Hush by Benjamin Moore

Designer Jonathan Taylor says: “Years ago, a Fiorucci salesperson stared at my all-beige outfit and said, 'Well, beige is the rage.' I say yes! Best on walls in washable matte, this changes hues with the light, warms a chilly entry hall, and whispers 'Shhh' in the master suite. It’s nearly foolproof."

8) Wallflower by Sherwin-Williams

Designer Laura Burleson says: "This shade is the perfect balance of saturation and tone, like seeing a sunset through a soft filter. Try it in unexpected applications — the ceiling of a moody, masculine library; the interior of creamy cabinetry in a kitchen."

9) Stony Ground by Farrow & Ball

Designer Robin Bell says: "I’d use it in a matte finish on walls, where it would be a great foil to warm whites, or in a high-gloss finish on trim."

10) Barista by Benjamin Moore

Designer Gary McBournie says: "You’ll see forest green, sky blue, and this luscious brown, which also reminds me of a melting pot of chocolate. I have used it in foyers, dining rooms, and even in my own bedroom. For a crisp effect, paint the ceiling and trim a bright white."

Information from: HouseBeautiful.com