First thing's first: CURB APPEAL! Your home's first impression is the most important! 

1) Replace any damaged mailboxes, house numbers...etc. These are the first things that create an impression of your home, and you don't want them falling apart. 

2) Clean up untidy brush in your yard, prune unkempt bushes, lay fresh mulch and add some pretty flowers for a warm touch. There are a plethora of annual flowers to choose from, plus they are inexpensive.

3) Apply a fresh coat of paint for your front door! The front door is the threshold to your home- this small touch can set a positive appeal as any potential buyers take their first steps inside.

Second Step: More like a home, less like a cave

1) Dust the cobwebs out of the corners of your house, and be sure to remove that layer of dust on your ceiling fans! Dust makes a house look old, so be sure not to miss any areas that need attention- such as curtains and shelves. 

2) Clean your windows (inside and OUT- no cheating), removing all the smudges and letting in more of that beautiful sunlight!

3) Most people don't realize how dingy their walls are because it happens so slowly, but what a difference it makes when they are cleaned! Give your walls and baseboards a good cleaning, spackle any large dings and use touch-up paint to cover. For extra dingy walls, a complete new fresh coat of paint will revive the whole room!

Next Step: Take care of the floors you walk on

1) Those old carpets need a deep clean! Rent a steam-cleaner- It will make your carpets smell fresh, and look new again.

2) Tile floors need to be deep cleaned- this means getting down and dirty to really clean the grout. There are cleaning products specifically designed to revive your dingy grout!

3) Your beat up wood floors could use a good polish- Bring out their rich colors, and let them shine their brightest.

Next Step: Cleaning the dank and dirty

1) Kitchens are a place where grease and grime gather. Time to deep clean the areas in your kitchen that are normally splashed with... whatever that sauce was that you cooked with a few months ago. Areas of concern: Around the stove, oven and sink. 

2) We had to eventually talk about Bathrooms. Scrub away that shower scum, it is not your friend. Clean around the toilets and sinks as well. Anything growing that is green or black- get rid of it!

Final Step: De-clutter your life!

1) We are all guilty of clutter. But clutter is unsightly, messy and no fun. Living Rooms and Offices tend to have a few piles of stuff laying around that don't really need to be there. Put the kids toys away in a toy chest. Shred those papers you don't need anymore. And be sure to clear off the piles of whatchamacallits from your countertops.

 2) Our closets can be a place that we don't really keep organized, because well, no one sees it but you. But when you are selling your home, a stuffed and cluttered closet sends a signal that maybe the closet is too SMALL! Sort through and donate any clothes you no longer wear, and maybe put that fuzzy wool sweater you got from your Aunt for Christmas into a storage box and into the attic. You won't need it again until winter, so clear it out! 

3) Finally, do not forget the Laundry Room and Mudroom. They don't have to look like a tiny tornado touched down only to hit these specific rooms and then quickly disappear leaving no witnesses. Piles of clothes can be washed and put away. Jackets strewn about can be put into storage bags or arranged neatly on hooks. Messy shelves can be organized with baskets. 

Now that your home is sparkly clean and fresh, you are ready to list it! Give us a call to get your home sold FAST!