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Clean, declutter, and depersonalize

It’s the triple threat that buyers can’t resist: a house that’s clean, clutter-free, and neutral like a blank canvas. Here’s what we mean.

(Almost) everything must go

Goodbye stacks of magazines, junk scattered across countertops, and clunky items eating up your floor space — it’s time to declutter with a vengeance! This act alone can add to your home’s value at resale and no doubt will help it sell faster, too.

Buyers love spaciousness, so go through each room and take a minimalist approach. We’re talking no coasters, hair ties, or trinkets on nightstands — just a lamp will do.

File cabinets may seem “office”-y, but would the space show better if you put them in the closet? If you’re not sure what’s sticking out, take photos of rooms on your phone to help recognize what’s cluttering up each area IRL.

It’s not game day

Sports fanatics, Beanie Baby collectors, or themed-room enthusiasts: hate to break it this way, but selling a home is not the time to let your personality shine. While you’re generally decluttering, stash anything that’s so very “you.” Put those wedding photos and the “Go Big Red!” poster in the maroon-themed football den in a safe spot, at the ready to carry on to your next pad.

These items may seem easy to look past, but honestly, they distract buyers, making them think more about you and less about themselves in the space. If you don’t want to rent a separate storage, store your items neatly in a basement, garage, or shed.

Break out the mop (and duster… and vacuum)

Even when selling fast, take the time to clean like you mean it. You can’t expect to get a quick offer if buyers encounter gym sock odors and a sink full of dirty dishes when they arrive. But go beyond basic tidying up to make sure the floors aren’t scuffed up and the glass in your bay window sparkles in the afternoon sunshine. Always vacuum before a showing and keep Clorox wipes on hand to freshen up your bathrooms in a jiff.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to get your hands dirty, hire a cleaning service. Our research shows that cleanliness adds an average $1,700 in what a buyer is willing to pay, making one or even multiple cleanings well worth the cost.


Make quick repairs (but don’t over-renovate)

When aiming to sell your house fast, the last thing you need is to get in over your head with a remodeling project. Ask us about necessary fixes to clear a home inspection, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Structural issues
  • An old or damaged roof
  • Plumbing problems
  • A damaged electrical system
  • Insect or pest infestation
  • HVAC system issues

We can also advise you on which repairs are worthwhile. For example, a house where a fence enclosed only part of the yard. Although at first, the sellers thought they might have to pay to enclose the whole yard, the home’s interior was in such good shape that it easily showed better than the competition, so the seller could leave the fence as is. It’s very situational to the house, the things you want to invest in and the things that you don’t.


Improve your curb appeal

Curb appeal boosts the value of your home. You don’t have to go wild outdoors, either. Regular lawn care — mowing, applying fertilizer, and controlling weeds. A tidy outside also implies that you’ve taken good care of your home overall.

Although you could hire a landscaper to get the whole yard in line, you also could tackle a few specific projects, such as:

-Trim trees and shrubs

-Plant colorful flowers:


-Fresh Mulch


We stage the home to stoke buyer imaginations

Staging strategically arranges furniture and other decorative items to show off a home’s features. Nearly 83% of top agents say that a staged home sells faster than an unstaged one. What’s more, about 67% of top agents say that staging increases the sale price, especially when sellers focus on the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. When a seller has already moved out and the home is vacant, our team can stage the home for you, so that it presents well to prospective buyers.


We hire a professional photographer

More than ever, house hunters scroll through home listings on a smartphone or tablet when they’re ready to buy. NAR statistics show that 97% of buyers used the internet in 2020 to search for a home, with 43% looking at properties online as their first step.

Professional photos that are clear and sharp could net you thousands of dollars more in your home sale.


We market your home on social media

In addition to the MLS and major home search sites, we will list your home on several social media sites to maximize exposure of your home to the public.

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